Kunal Rajput

Barcelona - Still Life Photographers

Kunal Rajput is a Barcelona-based product photographer who specialises in capturing the essence of drinks and liquids with unparalleled detail. From the tantalising fizz of a perfectly poured beer to the glistening beads of condensation on a chilled cocktail, his photos invite you to experience the taste sensation with more than just your eyes.

Of late, he is using AI with his traditional workflow to craft hyper-realistic backgrounds that are placed in the physical sets along with the products and the foreground elements during the shoot, where everything is captured in-camera in real-time for a seamless integration.

For over 13 years, he has been shooting advertising campaigns collaborating with top brands, ad agencies and luxury boutiques like Diageo, The Body Shop, L’Oréal Paris, Oriflame Sweden, Oud Arabia Dubai, Publicis, HS Ad, Edelman, and more.

For a deeper look into his work and behind-the-scenes processes, one can visit his website, or if you have a project in mind where you would like to discuss his AI-Production workflow, please drop him a line – let's bring your vision to life!