Let's Film

Barcelona - Commercial Productions, Directors & DOPs

Based in Barcelona, Let's Film is a well-known video production company that's been creating films since 2005, with a focus on sports and sustainability. Let's Film has been the creative powerhouse for brands across Spain, Italy, the UK, and the Middle East.

"From brainstorming to shooting and post-production, we handle it all. Our team of trusted professionals has been proven to be a winning choice for renowned brands like Nike, Puma/JD, Brooks, FIFA, Electronic Arts, Bosch, Mediaset, Eurosport, The Olympic Channel, and many more.

What sets us apart? Our smooth, sustainable, efficient production process and a team of seasoned experts with nearly two decades of experience. Whether it's commercials, social media video campaigns, documentaries, or branded content, we've done it all with skill and flair.

But beyond the big names, we prioritise creating a positive, collaborative atmosphere on set, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone involved. As the founder of Let's Film, Luca leads our versatile team in consistently exceeding clients' expectations."