MM Productions

Spain - Italy - Full Photo & Film Production Services

MM Productions are your visual story creative architects, and your go-to team for world-class photography and video.

Their services include logistics, equipment rental, location scouting, crew hiring, casting, catering, accommodation, and transportation for photo, video, and events.

Additionally, MM Productions provides full live-streaming services for any requirement, anywhere.

"We cater to the luxury and fashion industries, collaborating with top-notch photographers and delivering niche equipment for diverse needs.

Our forte lies in seamless location scouting, ensuring all necessary permits, and tackling challenges for flawless shoots. We are tech trendsetters, always equipped with the latest cameras mere days after launch.

At MM Productions, success is about exceeding expectations—transforming concepts into reality. Whether it's shooting scenes by the Colosseum or creating dynamic fashion campaigns, our dedication to precision and innovation sets us apart.

Imagine the best, we’ll take care of the rest!."