hans pieterse

Amsterdam - photographers

Hans Pieterse is based in Amsterdam and operates a fully equipped, versatile creative photo studio. This studio serves as the platform for various photography projects and disciplines, including product photography, art photography, still life, and high-end photography. It’s the place where creative concepts are born or executed in collaboration with advertising agencies.

The combination of camera expertise and sophisticated lighting techniques ensures that his photographs are renowned worldwide. Think of print campaigns for brands like Adidas, Nike, Asics, and limited edition shoes for Zeeman, as well as the Grand Prestige beer bottles featured in Hertog Jan’s ads, and even Bugaboo’s entire line of strollers.

Transitioning from photography to stop-motion was a natural progression for Hans. What started as a creative experiment with images has evolved into a specialisation. The videos began as personal projects but quickly gained attention from advertising agencies and businesses, such as Bugaboo and Goldbergh.