Andrea Belluso

London - NYC - Milan - Dubai - photographers

What makes Andrea Belluso truly unique and a great asset for any client is his evolution from shooting just fashion and beauty to also photographing cars and food.

His first automotive client approached Andrea Belluso’s manager, proposing a big campaign for the Middle East. Andrea’s initial response was that there are many great car photographers and he had never photographed cars before. Cadillac’s response was that this was exactly what they were looking for—Andrea’s deep knowledge and lack of a set style. Other photographers were producing technically perfect car pictures, but they were following the rules with no innovation, essentially doing the same thing with minor personal touches.

Andrea Belluso believes that having a defined style might get you clients for a few seasons but will eventually kill creativity. Shortly after, Andrea Belluso was approached by Nestlé and Electrolux to shoot food, with brands like Bentley, Porsche, and McLaren soon following suit.

Andrea Belluso, known as 'The Light Shaper' by Profoto, is also one of the greatest lighting experts in the world.