7 Mountains

Zermatt – Gstaad – St. Moritz - Chamonix - Production Services for Photo & Film

Imagine capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Alps, from the majestic peaks of Zermatt to the luxurious slopes of St. Moritz. For the past decade, 7 Mountains Productions has made this dream a reality.

7 Mountains has been lovingly crafted over the past decade, spanning the entirety of the Alps and produced primarily in Switzerland, Italy, and France. With additional offices in Chile and Argentina, they are uniquely positioned to offer back-to-back shoots in Patagonia and the Alps, as demonstrated recently for the US brand Free People. While specialising in snow shoots, particularly on glaciers in both summer and winter, they also undertake productions in larger cities such as Montreux and Geneva. The latter was the site of their most recent production for the UK’s online fashion brand Varley, set in the iconic Beau Rivage Hotel, a location straight out of an Agatha Christie crime thriller.

What sets 7 Mountains apart is its extensive location database and its exceptional team on the ground, which includes mountain guides, ski instructors, and experienced producers. Their close connections with chalet owners, gondola companies, and—never to be underestimated—the local farmers who offer their land, cattle, and forests, make them unparalleled in the industry.

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