Daniel Infanger

Basel - Portrait & Corporate Photographers & Directors

"Recently, we've been busy with a variety of projects in film and photography:

We returned from Paris, where we collaborated with stylist and set designer Nina Sommer on assignments and personal projects, including a captivating black-and-white portrait series.

For the renowned artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, we produced press photos and film sequences, highlighting his innovative works and unique style. Coop Mineraloel's nationwide employer branding campaign featured our dynamic film and photography, showcasing shop owners as the faces of their businesses both online and in print.

At UPK Basel, we created a comprehensive print and web campaign aimed at recruiting new employees and sharing the experiences of current staff. Nouvel Été concept store's photography and cinematic reels captured their stylish and innovative products.

We photographed jazz pianist Michael Arbenz's album cover, capturing his musical journey and blend of traditional and contemporary styles. For Wolfwolf, the two-man garage blues trash punk band, we documented the creation of their album cover, marking the impactful collaboration between artists Barbara and Heini Gut."