NM Productions

Dubai - NYC - London - Los Angeles - Milan - Madrid - Full Photo & Film Production Services

NM Productions is a pioneering global production company that breaks free from traditional methods.

"We are resourceful, driven, and equipped to handle almost any challenge. Our model offers flexibility. While we provide end to end production services, we also offer modular options, allowing you to choose only what you need—like enjoying a slice of pizza instead of a whole one.

Creativity and refusing to admit defeat are at the heart of our work. As a global production company, we embrace challenges that others might avoid. Our extensive experience includes numerous successful shoots in California, making us well-versed in the state's unique filming landscape.

From in-house location scouting and casting to on-set support, we cover a wide range of services. Whether it's stills or moving image projects, we can assist you almost anywhere in the world. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with our partners and clients, creating outstanding work that keeps them coming back to collaborate with us time and time again."

Locations: London, Dubai, LA, New York, Milan, Madrid.

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