GraceLand Productions

Copenhagen - Photo & Film Production

GraceLand Productions is the Scandinavian answer to all still photographic production needs in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland and Finland. GraceLand’s services include shoot coordination, permits, casting, location scouting and management, travel and accommodation, catering, hair, make-up and special effects, wardrobe styling, interior styling, budgeting and billing, post-production management, art department and props, set design and building. The company's network is big and the team is happy to make suggestions about who they think might be the best for a particular project.

"Whether you have a big job or a small job…it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that we love what we do and it shows. Production is all about logistics, problem solving and a lot of imagination and that’s exactly what we are good at! Our success has 20 years' experience behind it and when you mix all of this with a healthy blend of enthusiasm and talent, you can’t go wrong."