Copenhagen - Hair, Makeup, Styling, Talents

By covering all aspects of a production since opening its doors in Oslo in 2003, Pholk has become a great resource for photographers, directors, stylists, and advertisement agencies.

The company's archives include a very high standard of talent, actors and models that meet a number of different criteria. Whether clients are looking for a catwalk model for an underwear show, twin-baby brothers for a TV commercial, or a sweet old grandma for a chocolate advertisement, at Pholk they know they're in the right place.

Pholk also represents professional actors and dancers, experienced in theatre, advertising, film and TV productions as well as extras to accompany them. Its archives contain the oddest things such as pimped-up cars, vintage furniture, rare animals and surprising locations, so don't hesitate to contact them nmatter how bizarre the request.

In 2012 Pholk opened the doors of its Danish branch in Copenhagen, extending its network even further into the Scandinavian market. The dedicated staff at Pholk in Denmark and Norway assist and guide clients through all the steps of their production.