Copenhagen - photographers

Jes Larsen is the owner of Territorium. Born in 1971 and raised in Copenhagen, in 1993 he became a trained photographer with honours. He has since worked all over the world as a self-employed photographer for international companies, organisations, advertising agencies, magazines and record labels.

Clients include Bang & Olufson, Tuborg, Toyota, Grundfos, Fl. Smidt, Torm, Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck.

"My photographs are often shot as if they were film stills. It is important to the story I am telling that you sense the build-up to a scene and the further course of action. It gives you the feeling of observing a real life situation in which to explore that moment."

Jes' extensive experience in creative direction, production and his technical knowledge allow him to manage major campaigns as well as smaller jobs independently and efficiently.