AFRICA ISSUE 892 Sep 2022

Lemon Reel Namibia - Etiopia film

"Namibia is a filmmaker's dream destination, with our backyard offering everything: from amazing desert landscapes and savannah to green forests with a tropical feel. The diverse history, landscape, culture and architecture lend itself to many different and contrasting set locations with accommodation and services close by."

For more than 25 years, Lemonreel Film Services has provided production support for productions big and small, feature, TV, documentary, commercial and music videos for clients all over the world.

"Recently we have been busy with the exciting documentary series of The Prehistoric Planet (David Attenborough, Apple TV / BBC) and Evolve (Patric Aryee, Curiosity Stream) as well as an experimental film, 'Pepe'. We supplied equipment, camera operators and did aerial and underwater camera work.

We have worked in over 50 countries and on all seven continents but our love is focused on southern and eastern Africa. Film here, with us, and you’ll understand why."

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