Bec Parsons Sydney

Welcome to Showcase Australia, brought to you by Production Paradise. This issue features some of the leading photographers currently working out of Australia including Amanda Austin, Chris Sisarich, Kristian Gehradte, Christian Mushenko, Damien Bredberg, Darren Capp, Easton Chang, Gavin Jowitt, Geoffrey Chuah, Janyon Boshoff, Jeremy Hudson, Jeremy Shaw, Nathan Duff, Scott Burrows and Richard Furhoff; photographers' and illustrators' agency and production company Agent K Creative + Production; photo production company Studio Mondo and director Eden Diebel

You can find more creative professionals and facilities for photographic and film production in our Sydney Photo and Film directories. 

Companies as Harper's Bazaar, Hennessy, McDonald's, Chanel, VW, Guinness, Blackberry, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Frankie Magazine, BMW and Catalogue Magazine, among others, trusted these professionals with their latest advertising campaigns and editorial shoots.

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Our cover story was shot by Bec Parsons.

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