AUSTRIA ISSUE 598 May 2016

Studio Huger Vienna photographers

Stephan Huger, born and currently living in Vienna, is an international multi award-winning photographer specialised in architectural and hotel photography.

Stephan uses his vast experience of nearly 30 years behind the camera and attention to detail at all stages of a project from pre-planning, the shoot itself, to meticulous post-production. Every resulting image is crisp, light and colour balanced, and naturalistic in style.

His architectural pictures reflect the ambitions and achievements of the architects, but in a way that viewers can also recognise the pronounced hand of a photo artist. Stephan believes that this is what makes 'the art' of architectural photography - that the authors of both the given subject and the way it has been represented are equally identifiable.

From 11th - 18th November his internationally award-winning images 'Close to heaven' will be seen for the first time in Europe during 'Eyes on – The Month of Photography Vienna', one of the biggest photo festivals in Europe.

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