Setup productions Barcelona film production companies

In April, Setup Productions was busy with the new Venice Beach Campaign. Photographer Bernd Slotta took the pictures for Economia (Hamburg), in an unforgettable fashion. Other visits paid last month: M. Heitmann for the Focus magazine cover, Brax and Olympus Digital Store Checks and recess, as well as photographer’s Andrea Lennon visiting Barcelona for an upcoming shoot for Leclerc.

Our own projects included a promo for the new Restaurant Buda Barcelona where we shot pictures for the German Vogue Magazine. Finally with the war over, work is picking up quickly in the capital of Catalunya and we again welcome clients to visit our web page and contact us for special location web pages and estimates that fit their budgets.

Future projects include the launch of a new party concept with Danzatoria and Germanys Grosse 8 video installations by Lichtfront, and force tracks´ DJs MRI and Setup is moving into larger office space soon, so be prepared for a welcome party in the Vallcarca area.

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