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Throughout April, Setup Productions has been co-producing the new ADIG Investment campaign with Golden Gun Hamburg. Photographer Jürgen Herschelmann and his crew have been to Barcelona's aquarium, a spectacular yet “sharky” location, and to almost every charming spot in the city.

Another time-consuming job was an 18-minute feature for BMW's new compact car, the BMW1, to be launched in September 2004. TVT Media, with one of our favourite directors Martin Kriegler, had to visually compare the BMW1 with its competitors: Audi A3, Alfa147 and Golf 5, in attempt to prove the Bavarian product to be the best.
It took BMWs Formula One Test driver Fritz Lanio all he was worth to drive the four cars to their respective limits. 5,000km around Catalunya covered in one week, 9 production vehicles moving and one big truck - no accidents.

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