Thierry Delsart Madrid photographers

Dani Pedrosa became the youngest ever Moto GP 250cc World Champion. Honda, one of his sponsors, gave him a Type-R, the sportiest version of the Civic for his 18th birthday. Diferencia, Honda's advertising agency, put together the ad remembering last years final when Pedrosa didn't get to celebrate his 125cc championship because of injuries - saying "winning erases all of last year's pain!"

Added to the fact that Thierry Delsart was art director at that time in Diferencia, he took advantage of choosing a "people-photographer" Cesar Lucadamo, for Pedrosa's picture, to act as co-photographer during the car shoot. This was the birth of a new association in car photography. Cesar Lucadamo's reputation is already well known and Thierry Delsart has 6 years background working with top level car photographers. So even though they are still building their portfolio, they're already a smart choice.

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