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The shooting of the TV Movie Family Book started on 19th of January. Co-produced by In Vitro Films, TVC and Canal Sur, the screenplay was written by Ricard Figueras and Pau Garsaball, and it is directed by Ricard Figueras, the well-known Catalan producer behind In Vitro Films. This family comedy, starring Antonio de la Torre, Inés Díaz, Lluis Homar and Alberto Lozano, tells the story of Virtu and Ramon, a couple who want to have a child. They’ve been trying without success for quite a while, and Virtu is tired of all the gynaecological tests she’s being put through to determine why they can’t have children.


On top of all this, Ramon’s long-lost father, Cándido, suddenly comes back into his son's life. He's just got out of jail and wants to start a questionable business with his son. Things begin to get out of hand and their marriage enters dangerous territory.


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