BRAZIL ISSUE 214 May 2010

BossaNovaFilms Sao Paulo film production companies

Creative productions and great styles stand out among BossaNovaFilms' latest productions. The commercial "Pinocchio", directed by Luiz Ferré for the National Committee for Self-Regulation Advertising in Brazil, is inspired by 1970s police action films such as "Dirty Harry". The film chase sequence was created with both 3D effects and traditional puppetry techniques.

Another recent production is music video 'Temporary Insanity', created and directed by Ivy Abujamra for the Brazilian singer and comedy actress Marisa Orth. In the video, Marisa performs as a lady who kills her husband during a PMS attack. It was shot in HD, adopts the language of short films, and is aesthetically inspired by Almodóvar’s movies.

BossaNovaFilms is also shooting new seasons for three Brazilian TV shows, producing three feature films and developing a bunch of interactive projects, one of which is currently a finalist for the FITC Awards 2010. Check out “Send Your Love” here.

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