Marc Lagrange Brussels photographers

Marc Lagrange is a fashion and art photographer based in Antwerp. Since the 80s he has fully committed his life and work to photography and is considered one of the most renowned photographers in Belgium. Over the years, he has developed his own peculiar and recognisable style of capturing female beauty. Marc brings sensual femininity to a higher level, with many of his pictures mirroring a clearly sexual vibe without being explicit. They all breathe an intrinsic peace.

The photographer chooses models with great personalities that can be reflected in his pictures. Eyes and gestures can speak a clearer language than words, and it's for this that he loves to work with dancers, actresses or very experienced models. These choices, together with his lighting techniques, are responsible for the cinematographic look of his work.

Marc's latest book, 'Lust', is available on the international market. Check the website for information about his current gallery exhibitions.

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