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Born an Indian, living as a Frenchman, ruminating on the nature of existence along the way,
Rannjan Joawn believes in living the moment. Being a commercial photographer and specialising in jewellery, he tries to makes creative use of light, form and composition hoping to strike a balance between reality and dramatic visuals.

Whether he is on a location shoot or in the studio, he strives to involve the whole team and yearns for challenging tasks, doing his best to match up to his clients' creative needs. Although his partial preference towards fashion and beauty photography are linked to how
he terms “the superficial society,” Rannjan is prone to visuals as a depiction of the
human form and its emotions. Furthermore, his portraiture translates his vision of the
human connection and body language.

Clients include prestigious names such as Chanel, Ogilvy Mather, Polaris, Jaipur Gems,
Philippe Ferrandis, ITC Park Group, Bloomsbury London, The Guardian UK, Psychologies, Verve India, and many more.

Rannjan lives in Brussels with his wife and two children and works between Brussels, Paris and India.

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