Ale Burset Buenos Aires photographers

Buenos Aires-born photographer Ale Burset is a self-confessed perfectionist who, as a result of his obsession for lighting and a pursuit of beautiful images, brings high aesthetic standards to all of his work. Currently based in Argentina, he has refined more than a decade of work down to his true passion - shooting for prestigious brands.

His list of advertising clients includes Reebok, VW, Chevrolet, Phillip Morris, Converse, Adidas, Ford, Chandon, Energizer and Quaker, among many others. His most recent jobs have been for Nike, Greenpeace, Clorox, Hospital AlemanOsteoporosis, Vectra and Sprite. Featured in this Showcase are his latest campaigns for Nike, Ford Focus and Rexona.

Ale Burset also regularly works in North America, Mexico and Europe. In Spain he is represented by AProductions and in the USA by Denise Stewart.

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