Federico Martin Laboureau Buenos Aires styling, hair, makeup

Fl Atelier is a creative power dedicated to communication, brand identity and design. Rooted in Buenos Aires and Mexico City, under the creative direction of Federico Laboureau & Maimilian Pizzi, its team is focused on offering creative outcomes that transcend the traditional boundaries of advertising and design. F1 works on building branding strategies that contain all aspects of its clients' needs. Thriving on maximum impact solutions, its expertise is focused on a variety of clients based in fashion, lifestyle and consumer products.

Keeping on the curve of global trends gives F1 the tools to look ahead to the next great thing. Thorough research of each client’s history, current status, tangible needs and future necessities is also the key to offering tailor made concepts. The company's success is based on helping each brand reach new levels of performance that is partnered to a solid image based on a tangible concept, targeting optimum consumer participation.

"We believe in concepts that transcend one specific area and that can be carried out across multiple platforms without losing their thread. We believe in portraying a solid image with a clear creative view. Our boutique services run from creative solutions in the fields of art direction, branding, visual identity, photography, film, illustration and production services, to an overall brand creative direction."

"Our motto: creative, outside the box ideas, solid client communication, tangible results."

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