CANADA ISSUE 617 Oct 2016

Shoot Studio Quebec Production House

Shoot Studio is one of the largest photo and video production houses in Quebec. Transforming ideas into images is the specialty of the studio. The company offers in-house talents as well as complete production services for talents from abroad.

The in-house talents are represented by photographers and artists. Each of the photogtaphers working for Shoot Studio has a characteristic style, a specific know-how, an established reputation, and talent that has been recognized at home and abroad. Skilled artists allow the company to cover a broad spectrum of possibilities and easily navigate between print, television, and web formats, when the vast network of talented collaborators (artistic director, makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, etc.) guarantees success in the most daring projets. 

Since 2003, the team has completed over 7000 highly varied projects for clients at both national and international levels. Now the company offers full-spectrum production services, from budget planning and casting to production and postproduction. Whether it is for an advertising concept that strikes the imagination, a portrait that captures a particular mood, a baffling landscape, a spellbinding fashion shot, or an innovative video, Shoot Studio puts all of the creativity to work in order to stick to the client's strategies and meet the objectives.

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