CAPE TOWN ISSUE 101 Dec 2007

First Productions Cape Town photo production

After a busy and successful season, here are some recent projects from First Productions:

  • Baur with Peter Prix.
  • COOP shot by Sonja Schaefer.
  • Manor shot by Christoph Laesar.
  • Maxima Editorial with Peter Schreiber.
  • Motorola campaign for Groovy Studios, Singapore.
  • Peek Und Cloppenburg campaign with Holger Eckstein.
  • Ernsting's Family shot by Dorothea Craven and Berndt Ott.
  • Heine shot by Peter Schreiber, Peter Prix and Dorothea Craven.
  • OTTO image campaigns shot by Gyslain Yarhi and Astrid Grosser.
  • Nivea, Voegele Shoes and Swiss Illustrated, all shot by Sabine Liewald.
  • Oli UK, part of OTTO Group with Redwood Publishing UK. Shot by David Burton.
  • Impressionen with Gudrun Hamann Productions, Hamburg. Shot by Torsten Ruppert and Nicole Neumann.
  • Peter Hahn shot by Torsten Ruppert, Magnus Gerwien, Nicole Neumann, Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer.

First Productions is looking forward to sending Peter Hahn to the magnificent Victoria Falls in February, and producing for Lamborghini in December.

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