CAPE TOWN ISSUE 255 Jan 2011

Steel Productions Cape Town locations

The vuvuzelas may have quietened down but Steel Productions brings the energy of the 2010 World Cup into the new year with a super crew and some fantastic productions. 

Recent still and film productions include:

  • HSBC by Charlie Crane in Cape Town & Dubai.
  • Dedon by Rainer Hosch.
  • IBM by Benedict Redgrove in Ethiopia.
  • Chevron by Steve McCurry.
  • Lebara by Josh Cole.
  • ASICS by Dougal Paterson.
  • George @ ASDA by Tara Darby.
  • Fat Face by Nigel Riches.
  • McCulloch by Aorta.
  • German Cosmopolitan by Eric Frideen.
  • DeVal by Anders Jugermark.
  • Boxer TV directed by Patrik Forsberg.

Click on the links below to view the videos:

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