CAPE TOWN ISSUE 265 Mar 2011

Mark Lanning Photography Cape Town photographers

Mark Lanning by Thomas Falkiner:

"Whenever I think of awesome photographs I think of a man with funky locks and bristling facial hair. His name is Mark Lanning and he is perhaps one of the easiest photographers I have ever come across. For whereas most men of the lens won't show you the light of day until you a) pay them exorbitant amounts of money and/or b) massage their egos until they're sitting in a warm and sticky puddle of their own self-worth, Mark is as easy and as chilled-out as a surfer running high on green. Funny that, because some say he harks from the shores of Durban. Coincidence?

"Anyway, speculation aside, never have I worked alongside a more innovative or, indeed, spontaneous lens man in all my days. From long nights of drinking followed by painful morning rises endured only to capture that one perfect car shot, Mark puts the can into do."

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