CAPE TOWN ISSUE 273 May 2011

Mark Lanning Photography Cape Town photographers

For as long as mankind has recorded his surroundings, images of food have played a very powerful roll in defining who we are creatively.

Mark Lanning's love for food photography began with his photographic career in 1987. In 2000, he began a series of journeys into the world of food with Neil Roake. Together they travelled to the New York Food Festival, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Mozambique, producing a series of food stories for Marie Claire, Food and Home and House & Leisure magazines.

2001 saw the beginning of a two-year journey through Soweto recording the warmth, creative energy, adaptability, faith, community spirit and indomitable humour of Soweto’s people as reflected in their fashion, music, homes, shabeen’s, businesses and distinctive cuisine.

Today, Mark’s knowledge and passion for food photography is as strong as ever. The proof is in the pudding.

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