Cape Film Productions Cape Town film production companies

Cape Film Productions have a question: What do you get when you cross one of the best-value English-speaking production destinations in the world with a value-driven and highly experienced production team? Not surprisingly, they say the answer is.... Cape Film Productions!

The company provides international and local production services. Recent jobs include:

  • MTN 'First Steps'
  • Virgin Activ 'I Know What You Weighed Last Summer'
  • Checkers 'Corporate'
  • Panadol 'Extra'
  • Lucozade 'Boost'
  • Ribena 'Biker Fives'
  • Sterns 'Magic Moments'
  • LML 'Freedom'
  • Macleans 'Confidence'
  • Close Up 'Circus'
  • Parmalat 'Physical'

Currently In the pipeline are Checkers Campaign and MTN.

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