CHICAGO ISSUE 629 Dec 2016

Chris Bradley Chicago photographers

Chris Bradley is a commercial photographer who specialises in interiors and architectural photography as well as environmental portraiture. He enjoys soft, glowing light, one point perspective and rich, vibrant colours.

Chris remembers assisting on shoots as he was coming up and thinking "This place is like a tomb, and everyone takes themselves really seriously. If I ever make it in this world, I won't be like that." And he is not. Clients who have appreciated his excellent quality images and fun shoot atmosphere include Vanity Fair Magazine, Kroger, Northwestern University and Buzzi Space.

With an exceptional understanding of light, an eye for design and a mind obsessed by details, Chris is confident that his clients leave the set each day with two key thoughts. First, that the images came out just right and couldn't have been better, and two, that they had a great time helping to make them!

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