CHINA ISSUE 701 May 2018

Sun Yihui Shanghai photographers

Sun was born in a small town of Fu Jian province in China, in 1988. He came to Shanghai in 2005 and found his interest in photography with a small Nikon digital camera. He was a self-taught photographer before he joined D’ELE in 2009. He was fascinated by the city while wandering on the street picturing the everyday life of the people in Shanghai.

After he became one of the D’ELE members, he focused his photography on still life, and especially in deco and food area. He has quickly improved his lighting skills since then, with D’ELE’s studio support, and started his professional career. His images are fresh, clean, with fashion angle and "delicious" color. His unique style has quickly gained him clients such as McDonald’s, Tmall, as well as major China deco magazines, Elle Deco and AD Magazine

Sun is now taking more and more commercial works while still pursuing his own style to create dramatic images for the clients with no drama.

Sun Yihui is now based in Shanghai. For Sun's full portfolio, please visit D'ELE Print.

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