DALLAS ISSUE 342 May 2012

Imaginary Lines Dallas Photo & Film Post Production, Digital Capture

Still. Motion. Capture. Post production.

Digital Fine Art since 1994. Imaginative. Artistic. Phenomenal quality. Talented. Patient. Responsive. Collaborative. Resourceful. Dedicated. Dependable. Centrally located. Big clients. Small clients. Every project critical. Expert capture. Studio. Location. Dallas. New York. LA. Miami. Chicago. Madrid. Paris. Anywhere. Anytime. International Carnet. Rental Gear. Medium Format. Eighty megapixel. Fifty-six megapixel. Five bodies. Four backs. Sixteen lenses. DSLR video. HMI. Light it once, Shoot it twice. Field Audio. Six Channels. Redundancy. Back-up gear on set. Heavy cruiser. Lite flyer. Integrated marketing. GRACoL proofing. Whatever it takes. Serious. Fun. Always. The Fine Art of Digital Effects.

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