FRANCE ISSUE 647 May 2017

Splashprod Paris Photo & Film Production and Services

Splashprod is a production company based in Paris specialised in diving coordination for media projects to facilitate filming in and around water. The company's work has appeared in countless ad campaigns and feature films, and it currently owns three underwater stages exclusively dedicated to underwater filming (feature films, short films, video clips, advertising, etc.) and photography.

Those tanks allow Splashprod to build underwater sets to best meet the ambitious ideas of its customers, providing a highly-trained and experienced team of underwater camera operators, underwater assistants, safety divers and actor trainers in order to provide the best experience.

In addition to underwater filming, Splashprod provides the tools for sophisticated water games such as shower, rain, waterfall and river effects. The company is also a supplier for rental equipment: camera housing, underwater lighting, underwater intercom, and more.

Clients include Kusmi Tea Paris, Kenzo, Chanel, L'Oréal, IKKS, Tudor, Amnesty International, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Arena, Swarovski, Adidas, Tag Heuer and C&A.

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