GERMANY ISSUE 126 Sep 2008

[zerone] /cgi Hamburg photography

[zerone] cgi is renowned for superb car visualisation, but the Hamburg-based company always pushes the envelope to use cgi technology in other areas of print advertising.

The company recently completed a complex task for Bucherer jewellers. Four images were created showing thousands of magpies outside the company's stores in a selection of cities. The magpies, along with whole sections of the shops, were generated using computer graphics. [zerone] also handled a print campaign for Ford using cgi technology for the creation of background architecture. Both jobs were done in cooperation with Jan Steinhilber.

The German print campaign for the Citroën C5 also made use of the computer to entirely produce the car and background architecture. Photographer Markus Wendler shot the images and took care of lighting the car and the environment, as well as the location design itself.

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