GERMANY ISSUE 148 Feb 2009

[zerone] /cgi Hamburg photography

[zerone] cgi once again pushed the limits of visual effects with its recent campaigns:
  • In close collaboration with photographer Mats Cordt, the company created a range of visuals for clothing and footwear manufacturer Sympatex Technologies. Although sweat was the subject and the athletes featured in the campaign were pushed to their limits, the team at [zerone] apparently "never reached the point of exhaustion." The liquid elements were completely done using CGI and later composited alongside live action photography.
  • The company worked with photographer Tom Grammerstorf on the brochure for the new Volkswagen Scirocco. CGI technology was used for all but one of the exterior location shots of the car. The photographer adopted parts of [zerone] cgi's workflow for the shoot, previsualising the car on location as if physically there. The team were able to use the data to speed up production of the final images, helping the agency to get a proper impression of the final results and saving both time and money.

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