GERMANY ISSUE 200 Feb 2010

Claas Cropp Creative Productions Berlin photo production

Berlin-based Claas Cropp Creative Productions is a full service production company with experience in all areas of still photo production, location scouting and casting. Recent productions include:

  • Meltin' Pot S/S 2010 campaign with photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne.
  • Wolfgang Joop 'Freigeist' fragrance campaign and video casting for Coty Prestige, shot by Dieter Eikelpoth.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and SPD election campaigns shot by Fergus Padel.
  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks calendar 2010 by Jim Rakete.
  • Persol 'A Work of Persol' campaign with Carlos Serrao.
  • Deutsche Post 'Athletics World Championships' campaign and live casting, shot by Levon Biss.
  • Two Schwarzkopf productions with Stéphane Coutelle in Duesseldorf.
  • BMW Mini Collection catalogue 2010 by Karel Kuehne.
  • Caritas campaign 2010 with street-casted senior citizens, shot by Mathias Bothor.
  • New Navigon campaign pictures with Grégoire Alexandre.
  • Siemens with Markus Altmann in Berlin and Hiepler Brunier on location in Lanzarote.
  • BASF campaign featuring kids diving into a specially built 3000 litre water tank, shot by Olaf Blecker.
  • Catalogue productions for KaDeWe, Karstadt, Alviero Martini, Texman, Engbers and Emilio Adani.
  • SZ Magazine editorial with Marcus Gaab and actress Karoline Herfurth.
  • GQ editorial productions with Cellina von Mannstein, Lee Strickland and Markus Jans.

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