GERMANY ISSUE 242 Nov 2010

Delight Rental Services Berlin equipment rent

Latest news from Delight Rental Services (DRS):

  • The large format Linhof M 679cs is designed for digital workflow and classic film photography.
    Its fantastic lens resolution and wide image circles offer an excellent adjustment range. DRS also offers the best DSLR tilt-shift lenses for systems such as Phase One, Hasselblad, Canon and Nikon, providing the same adjustability as large format cameras.
  • The Chimera Softbox F2 is one of the biggest modular lightbanks with a small pack size. DRS guarantees fast set-ups at all locations, providing an experienced operator each time the F2 is hired. The company also offers variations of Fresnel Spots and Profoto 8a generators with computer lighting controlled by AIR USB.
  • Responding to the new pro video functions of many DSLR cameras, DRS has added the professional Movietube PR Lite DSLR-Rig. New 12-Core System Macs offer the processing power necessary to deal with the huge amounts of data.
  • With many years of experience with Leica systems, DRS guarantees substantial service and knowledge and has now been made an official distribution partner. Clients can rent or buy cameras and equipment from the company's Berlin branch.

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