GERMANY ISSUE 387 Jan 2013

AprilMay Berlin photo production

AprilMay is a full service photo production agency based in Berlin offering art buying, location booking, casting, and all kinds of production services in Germany and abroad.

2012 came to a very busy end, with projects including Maurice Lacroix. Breuninger, Caritas, Damyller Jeans, Anson's, Sat1, Skiny, Charles Vögele, CoverMagazine, Intersport, O2, Karstadt, Swarowski, Quality Magazine, Bold Magazine and Mey & Edlich.

AprilMay also works with photographers such as Anders Overgaard, Tomo Brejc, Tim Petersen, Sven Jacobsen, Oscar Falk, Magnus Rossander, Torsten Ruppert, Felix Krüger, Lado Alexi, Neil Kirk, Per Kasch, Graham Shearer, Sara Wilson, Sacha Höchstetter, Nadia Del Dò, Anna Rosa Krau, Christian Anwander, Gregor Hohenberg, Sandra Weimar, André Reinke, Mario Gomez, Heiko Richard, Fritz Hauswirth, Darius Ramazani, Daniella Midenge, and many more.

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