GERMANY ISSUE 548 Sep 2015

Peer Brecht Stuttgart photographers

German photographer Peer Brecht works worldwide, surprising clients with extraordinary new perspectives and unique pictures. Combining a knowledge of fashion photography with expertise in landscape, cars and people, clients appreciate his talent for creating the perfect picture.

Peer and his team recently completed a complex shoot for Dany Fay Golf Couture in the famous former east-Berlin Broadcasting Centre. "What a fantastic location! Many thanks to Andreas May from KGB Locationservice." Hair and make-up: Alexander Becker. Models: Zvona Vuckovic and Suzana Grebener. Assisting: Arman Brecht. Production: Klaus Herde.

Recent clients also included Loewe, Cerruti, Spoon Golf, Mini, Mercedes-Benz and Jack Nicklaus, as well as editorials for The Chicago Tribune.

Always looking to create something new and exciting, Peer is ready to accept any challenge and is constantly looking forward to the next picture to satisfy his eternal thirst for his passion. He is currently travelling in Canada, looking for the next challenge in his new second home.

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