Aplanat Galerie für Fotografie Hamburg take offline

Galerie Aplanat have two interesting exhibitions on now/coming up:

Until 9 June - Bianca Radziwanowska 'Wortblicke'

'What images emerge when they are initiated by people who are not influenced by the visible world? In my photographic work, I want to question the dominance of the visual sense, of images, their function and objectivity. Thus, the perception of reality in a world ruled by visuality is confronted with a picture-free world.' Bianca Radziwanowska

19 June to 4 August 'Hommage an Irving Penn'

American photographer Irving Penn celebrates his 90th birthday on 16 June 2007 and this group-exhibition pays tribute to him. Young upcoming and established photographers from Germany, France, Italy and USA present own works influenced by Penn.

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