Mary Bin Munich photography

Mary Bin photographers' agent is newly featured with Production Paradise.

Mary Bin's philosophy is to "keep it small and beautiful", choosing her photographers carefully and running the company like a family-business, maintaining close contact between clients and photographers.

Photographers represented by Mary Bin:

Dorothea Craven
Specialising in fashion, beauty, kids and advertising.
Mary says, "Dorothea is a workaholic who is always happy, hardly ever complains and who is super professional. She is warm-hearted and everybody loves her for that and... her jokes!"

Ole Graf
Specialising in fashion, advertising, people and kids
Mary says, "When I met Ole, it just clicked... he is just what I expect from a photographer in my team: easy-going, charming, spot-on, creative and he takes great pictures!"

Peter Schreiber
Specialising in fashion, action, cars and nautical
Mary says, "Clients love Peter for his sense of beauty and his ever-calm professional approach to the job. In the snow, under water, in the desert, on the beach, in a helicopter or on a boat-you can send him anywhere, he just loves it".

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