GERMANY ISSUE 893 Sep 2022


KME Studios represents a hand-picked roster of the most engaging and sought-after image makers around the food, people, lifestyle, corporate, sports and travel sectors.


Klaus Einwanger – food, people, lifestyle and corporate.
Sebastian Stiphout
– people, lifestyle and sports.
Roman Koenigshofer
– travel and sports.
Meike Bergmann
– food.

KME Studios has assembled a diverse skillset under one roof. Thanks to its versatile team of experts, they can handle every step of production in-house and ensure speedy decision-making, keeping communication lines and workflow open and fluid from pre- to post-production and all points in between.

For each new project that they take on, they assemble an individualised team around the photographer. That team assists, encourages, supports and motivates throughout the assignment, from conceptualisation to the finished visuals. Each crew is a well-oiled machine that maximises reliability and flexibility, allowing them to professionally handle large productions without external service providers, delivering exceptional results within a reasonable budget.

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