HAMBURG ISSUE 561 Nov 2015

Knackscharf Hamburg Equipment Rental

Knackscharf is one of the finest rental houses in town. Here state-of-the-art meets peace of mind.

New ideas and innovative equipment are what drive Knackscharf to ease photographers’ lives. Be it the new Phase One XF camera, the powerful IQ380 digital back, or the outstanding 24/7 Equipment-PIN-Dropbox, to name a few.

Knackscharf's top-notch gear is in superb shape and constantly updated with new releases. All the big names like Apple, ARRI, Briese, BronColor Para, Canon, Kinoflo, Profoto, HyperJuice can be found at Knackscharf.

Aside from all the technical wizardry, the team at Knackscharf know their clients' business by heart and won‘t rest until a solution is found. Be it budgeting issues or that one killer-piece of equipment nobody has heard of before, no matter how big a production, what is needed, Knackscharf will deliver.

"A great picture starts with great service."

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