LISBON ISSUE 305 Nov 2011

Partners Lisbon creativity

Established with the objective of breaking free from the traditional organisation  model of regular ad agencies, MSTF Partners has claimed, since day one, to be a “no middle man agency”. In other words, what Partners offered, by disassembling antique centralised departments, was a more flexible, agile and creative system. This strategy has allowed its team to get profoundly involved with its clients, meaning less hierarchy, more knowledge and efficient contributions for each of their businesses.

The formula has been very effective. In less than eight years, the small company has grown to become the largest national independent agency, gaining a very respectable client base.

Today, it has added to its “no middle man agency” motto an “out of the box agency” philosophy. An agency that always sets new ground rules by defying predefined ideas and established trends, and that creatively will always keep challenging the market.

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