LISBON ISSUE 338 May 2012

Gaby Corrêa Productions Lisbon photography

Productions are no longer seasonal for Gaby Corrêa Productions, keeping the production crew busy all year long.

Latest productions in Portugal include:

  • Le Monde d' Hermès shot by Luis Sanchis.
  • High Fashion shot by Yoichiro Sato.
  • Asics shot by Dougal Paterson.
  • Yamaha shoot at Portimão racetrack during the GP, shot by Mandy Pieper.
  • Kurv Magazine shot by Coco Neuville.
  • Brigitte Magazine shot by Frank Grimm.
  • Gerry Weber campaign shot by Richard Phibbs.

São Paulo, Brazil was chosen as the location to shoot Lexus by photographer Daniel Hartz. Gabrielle Corrêa is currently the executive producer for a photo campaign that will be shot by Olivier Desarte (represented by Lila Management). Travelling Films is the production company in charge of the TVC shooting.

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