LONDON ISSUE 149 Feb 2009

The Ivy London take offline

When owner, Abel Glandellini, and Maitre d'Hotel, Mario Gallati, joined forces in 1917, their modest cafe soon made friends and gained favour amongst the theatre community. The Ivy was born. Subsequent redevelopments over the years have evolved the dining room, transforming it into a space closely resembling the grand restaurant created by the original duo back in their heyday. Currently owned by Richard Caring, The Ivy once again boasts its position as London's favourite theatre restaurant.

"A clubby, timeless room with virtually no bad tables; a kind of imperceptible attitude of noblesse oblige so that, once seated, Joe Collins gets the same treatment as Joan or Phil Collins, and food that is consistently good and not overpriced." Jeremy Wayne, Tatler, 2009.

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