LONDON ISSUE 347 Jun 2012

Film Solutions London Services for Film

Film Solutions is a provider of film productivity and workflow solutions designed to give film and television professionals the ability to manage numerous elements of a production with greater security, efficiency and reliability than ever before. Its technologies deliver superior online production management and collaboration tools that streamline and automate tasks that, until now, have been labor intensive, costly and time consuming.

Founded in 2006 by working film industry professionals, Film Solutions' technologies and services are designed for the specific needs of producers, actors, agents, publicists and numerous other key constituents within a film or television production environment.

Film Solutions continually collaborates with film industry veterans throughout product design, development and testing phases. As a result, Film Solutions' technologies and services deliver finely-tuned results to specific groups within the film and television production environments.

Film Solutions seeks to shift the culture of the industry by automating the information sharing and management process from concept through post production, marketing, promotion and distribution. With an emphasis on speed and workflow streamlining, the company's products and services give customers the power to work smarter and do more in less time.

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