LONDON ISSUE 58 Oct 2006

Traffic London photography

It has been a busy summer at Traffic and yet the photographers have still managed to find time for their project-based work!

Martin Bennett worked with commercials and music video director, Marc Wilkins at Big Fish, to shoot filmic images for the director's new website, combining Martin's slick interiors with high-energy portraiture.

Candice exceeded all expectations on her Lily Cole underwater shoot producing eerie, yet vibrant watery portraits of the supermodel for her Fresh2O project.

Jasper White captured the essence of youth culture in Camden, and his work was shown as part of the "Walkabout, London" collection for a one-off show at Camden's Roundhouse. Traffic agent, Rebecca Valentine, was curator of the collection.

Car and location photographer, Graham Westmoreland, has joined Traffic. Since the 1990s, his well-known atmospheric advertising campaigns have won him representation around the world, shooting most of his work in the US. Based in the UK, he is now free to indulge in London's creative briefs.

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