LONDON ISSUE 82 Jul 2007

Chez Bruce London take offline

Bruce Poole set up Chez Bruce Restaurant in February 1995 with his business partner Nigel Platts-Martin.

He says, "From the very outset, it was my intention to serve the very best food but in a relaxed, informal yet thoroughly professionally run environment."

Over the years, the restaurant has won many prestigious awards, and is considered by many to be the best in London.

The food is based on classical and regional French cooking along with Mediterranean flavours from Spain and Italy and other European influences - old-fashioned braises and daubes alongside delicious offal preparations and lighter, simply grilled fish and meat alternatives on the menu. The desserts are described as "simply plated but immaculately prepared".

Mathew Fort, of the UK's Guardian: "It's a simple enough question: where do you go to eat where you know you won't ever be disappointed? Everyone I asked recently replied, without exception, Chez Bruce".

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