MIAMI ISSUE 238 Oct 2010

Manuk Miami mixed

The north coast of Peru was once the cradle of a great civilization called the Mochica. In the ancient Mochica language Manuk means 'the place where you eat'.

Manuk's mission is to serve guests a little piece of the world, make them slow down and enjoy where they are. "Wherever you are at the time you are eating is the 'place where you eat', and that place should always be the best place possible."

Chef Rosario Montoya lives to cook, and her artistry in the kitchen comes from the simple belief that food is one of our greatest pleasures. She brings flavours past and present to her delicious international cuisine and, naturally, one of her specialities is Peruvian food.

Clients include Italian Vogue, H&M, German Glamour, Next Directory UK, Italian Cosmopolitan, Original Marine, Italy Kohls, Daisy Fuentes, Proctor and Gamble, Target and Maximira.

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